Episode Transcripts



J: Welcome to Bridge Boys. My name is Jeremy, also known as Big Jerms or Jeremias, and this is my partner in crime Andreas Pappas AKA Pappas Fritas. 

A: That’s right, we’re here to introduce you to the podcast that takes you on a whirlwind tour of the world’s coolest bridges. Over the next season we’ll dive into some crazy bridge stories.

J: Yeah, we’ll be exploring the history, culture, and engineering that goes into them. And as your hosts, we’ll even be learning quite a bit about the English language.

A: This is when the Romans conques-, conquest-, this is when the Romans… I’m sorry, I- is it conquested or conquest?

J: Conquered?

A: There it is.

A: The show may be inspired by bridges, but we’ll be touching on a wide range of topics from fun facts, to socioeconomic impacts, and goofy stories about our lives 

J: And actually this bridge has a significant impact on my life because I happen to have a near-death experience on this bridge

A: Oh shh-

J: So we hope you’ll join us on our exploration of all these beautiful bridges. Be on the lookout for our first few episodes coming out on August 9th, and be sure to subscribe to the Bridge Boys podcast on your favorite podcast player, because you don’t want to miss any of our episodes.

A: Yeah we’ll be dropping some new bridge knowledge every Monday starting August 9th, so we’ll talk to all of y’all then!

July 28th, 2021