The World’s Shortest (and Cutest) International Bridge

Monday, November 15th – This week the boys explore the cutest bridge yet. The Zavikon island bridge has an impressively 32 feet long span that connects the sole home on the island to an even smaller, garden-like island. Zavikon island is located in the 1000 Islands archipelago along the St Lawrence River, which is alsoContinue reading “The World’s Shortest (and Cutest) International Bridge”

The “Mighty Mac” Mackinac of Michigan

Tuesday, November 9th – We would like to thank all of our trolls for their patience as we had a busy holiday weekend and were a bit delayed getting this episode out. This week we head to Michigan as we cover the Mackinac (AKA the Might Mac) bridge. The closest point between the Upper andContinue reading “The “Mighty Mac” Mackinac of Michigan”

Build Back Bridges – U.S. Infrastructure & Saving Sheepford Road Bridge

Monday November 1st – How is it November already? Anyways our episode today takes a bit of a turn as the boys discuss Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The idea of this episode was to pick a bridge that would apply to this program, talk about what all goes into preserving an at riskContinue reading “Build Back Bridges – U.S. Infrastructure & Saving Sheepford Road Bridge”

The (Desiderius) Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam, Netherlands

Monday, October 25th – Each week the bridge explored has a genesis residing in some type of economic and traffic related benefit. This week however, the boys tell a different story. Our exploration starts with the Meuse River in The Netherlands, and specifically, Rotterdam. Close to the northwestern coastline, Rotterdam is a city entrenched inContinue reading “The (Desiderius) Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam, Netherlands”

The Technically Still Active Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge of Chicago

Monday, October 18 – This week the boys go back in time to Chicago cerca 1908. The booming city of Chicago attributes its growth to the Chicago River. Its been an important waterway for as long as humans have lived in the area. Before humans began manipulating the river, there was a small overland portageContinue reading “The Technically Still Active Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge of Chicago”

The Redearth Ecoduct of Banff, Canada

Monday, October 10th – HAPPY INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ DAY! We are stoked to celebrate this day by covering a special part of Canada. Our journey this week takes us to Alberta’s Rocky Mountains- specially Banff National Park, Canada. Located on the boarder of Alberta and British Columbia, this national park is nestled at the bottom ofContinue reading “The Redearth Ecoduct of Banff, Canada”

The Last Incan Bridge – The Q’eswachaka Bridge of Peru

Monday October 4th – When most people think of bridges they think of vast steel arches or thick concrete decks, but rarely do people think about what went into building bridges before modern technology. This week, the boys wanted to discovery a bridge that’s construction has been passed down generation after generation for the pastContinue reading “The Last Incan Bridge – The Q’eswachaka Bridge of Peru”

The NPS’s Roebling’s Delaware Aqueduct Bridge

Monday September 20th – SHOUT OUT TO COREY FROM SCRANTON!!! Thanks to Corey the boys had the opportunity to tackle a bridge close to home for Andreas and near and dear to Jeremy’s heart. Roebling’s Aqueduct Bridge is located in Lackawaxen Pennsylvania (United States) – the farthest eastern county of PA right under New York.Continue reading “The NPS’s Roebling’s Delaware Aqueduct Bridge”

The Longest Suspension Bridge in the World – the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge of Japan

Monday, September 13th – This week Jeremy and Andreas cover the longest suspension bridge in the world! Not only is the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (also know as the pearl bridge) the longest suspension bridge in the world it also resides in an area with high rates of EXTREME weather and natural disasters. Before jumping intoContinue reading “The Longest Suspension Bridge in the World – the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge of Japan”