The Ladies’ Bridge of London, England

Monday, September 6th 2021 – Just in time for Labor Day we had to drop our episode about the Ladies’ Bridge in England. This tribute goes out to all of the women doing work in the building trades. Jeremy and Andreas wanted to take a moment and cover a couple of pivotal women in theContinue reading “The Ladies’ Bridge of London, England”

Das Water Bridge of Magdeburg, Germany

Monday, August 30th – Guten tag! This week we have a marvel of a bridge, as per usual. Navigating to the EU we find ourselves right outside the second largest city of the German state of Saxony-Anhalt – Magdeburg. The river bridge is exactly what it sounds like, a bridge filled with water… passing overContinue reading “Das Water Bridge of Magdeburg, Germany”

The Gnarly Burnside Bridge of Portland Dude

Monday, August 24th – “Do you even burn bro?” … “GNARLYYYYYY DUUUUUUDE”… maybe the most iconic dialogue of the season thus far. This week Jeremy and Andreas drop in at Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon. It’s an epic episode that shreds through the planning and construction of the bridge, in addition to the impact thatContinue reading “The Gnarly Burnside Bridge of Portland Dude”

The Crybaby Bridges of Everywhere, USA

Monday, August 16th – This week we have an EXTRA spooky (đź‘» ) episode for everyone. Just a quick note: for this episode we diverge from our traditional coverage on the design/construction concepts, but we think this concept is fascinating and wanted to share it with everyone. Fun fact: Halloween is one of Andreas’ favoriteContinue reading “The Crybaby Bridges of Everywhere, USA”

Bridge Boys Podcast Launch – Season 1

Monday, August 9th – We are stoked to announce the official Bridge Boys Podcast launch! We want to give a big shoutout to our Producer Troy who has worked effortlessly to put our vision together. Today we have our first three episodes ready for everyone to check out. Episode 1 features the London Bridge. ThereContinue reading “Bridge Boys Podcast Launch – Season 1”