The NPS’s Roebling’s Delaware Aqueduct Bridge

Monday September 20th – SHOUT OUT TO COREY FROM SCRANTON!!! Thanks to Corey the boys had the opportunity to tackle a bridge close to home for Andreas and near and dear to Jeremy’s heart.

Roebling’s Aqueduct Bridge is located in Lackawaxen Pennsylvania (United States) – the farthest eastern county of PA right under New York. What’s fascinating about this bridge is that it is the country’s oldest surviving suspension bridge. The aqueduct bridge crosses the Delaware River at the border between PA and NY and was used to transport coal barges from NE Pennsylvania to the Hudson River and New York City.

The genesis of this bridge resided in the need to get barges safely across the Delaware river. The issue with the canal system was due to loggers floating timber rafts down the Delaware. As the barges came up the Lackawaxen they would be tethered to rope ferries to cross the river. Unfortunately these timber rafts would cause collisions with the barges – and thus we have our aqueduct!

Jeremy’s picturesque description of the bridge exemplifies the history behind it. The most fascinating fact about the Roebling Aqueduct Bridge is that is started out as an aqueduct and transitioned to bridge.

This image depicts section cut of the aqueduct

As true pontists would guess, the aqueduct was designed by one of our favorite designers (whom we’ve talked about before), but you will have to tune into the episode to find out more! Much time after Roebling’s era, the bridge was acquired by some smuck named Chuck Spruks who literally ran it into the muck (and may or may not have had a food truck). Thankfully, the Nation Parks Service stepped in to resolve the issue. The NPS saved the bridge from oblivion by restoring it and making it functional. At this point Jeremy shares his passion for the NPS and shows us what real patriotism is about.

The boys wanted all of our fans to check out this NPS webpage dedicated to the Roebling Aqueduct Bridge, which they have designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1968. If you are passionate about the NPS and the Delaware Aqueduct Bridge, you can always support the NPS here via donation.

You can also check out this cool video below of car going over the bridge!

Be sure to check out this weeks episode wherever you find your podcasts. We appreciate everyone who is following us and would love for you to review/rate us! Please never hesitate to reach out, just as Corey did. We always love hearing from our listeners and are open to any and all bridges!

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