The Crybaby Bridges of Everywhere, USA

Monday, August 16th – This week we have an EXTRA spooky (đź‘» ) episode for everyone. Just a quick note: for this episode we diverge from our traditional coverage on the design/construction concepts, but we think this concept is fascinating and wanted to share it with everyone.

Fun fact: Halloween is one of Andreas’ favorite holidays! Don’t worry it’s not halloween yet, but these stories are so interesting that we couldn’t wait until October.

Top 10 Creepy Haunted Bridges - Listverse

Let’s begin with the omnipresent myth that is the Crybaby Bridge. This classic americana tail is present in rural communities across the US. The general characteristics include:

  1. A gruesome story of death and despair in relation to a bridge, often involving a mother and her child.
  2. A haunting of said bridge due to the loss of life which is characterized by eerie moaning/screaming/crying, odd orbs of light, or other supernatural occurrences.

Jeremy and Andreas decided it would be fun to choose specific Crybaby Bridge horror stories and cover them in the episode. Jeremy retells the story of the “Screaming Bridge” at Maud Hughes Road in Ohio – a gruesome and hair-standing story of two passionate high school lovers. Andreas follows up with a retelling of an old horror story taking place in the Deep South during the civil war.

From trains to alligator infested waters, this episode will have you on the edge of your seat while we break down a unique culture inspired by bridges….

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