Bridge Boys Podcast Launch – Season 1

Monday, August 9th – We are stoked to announce the official Bridge Boys Podcast launch! We want to give a big shoutout to our Producer Troy who has worked effortlessly to put our vision together.

Today we have our first three episodes ready for everyone to check out. Episode 1 features the London Bridge. There is a lot of rich history with the bridge dating back to 43 AD. As we chat through the conception of its design and construction we arrive at its current residence in the United States! Be sure to checkout the whole episode to learn about the bridge’s designers, reconstruction, and sale.

The London Bridge

Episode 2 keeps us in the UK, specifically in Cambridge. The Mathematical Bridge at Queens College is a fascinating design that still blows the minds of many pontists! This bridge is a really beautiful example of a truss structure which supports the bridge loads with a minimal amount of bending forces (that’s all we’ll say here!). Also, there are a ton of myths about the bridge that we clear up, so be sure to check out Episode 2: The Mathematical Bridge to clear up any questions you may have.

The Mathematical Bridge

Lastly for our season 1 debut, we have the Da Nang Dragon Bridge. By far the most contemporary bridge we’ve covered yet, the Dragon bridge is a fire breathing wonder that is putting the city of Da Nang on the map. Oh also…Jeremy almost died on it! The bridge is a symbol of economic growth for the city and has really lived up to its name. Episode 3: The Dragon Bridge is one of our funnest episodes yet and is a must-listen.

The Dragon Bridge

We want to thank all of our listeners (aka “Trolls”) for their support as we launch our first season. It’s been an amazing ride so far and we have many more bridges to cover. We encourage all of our trolls to reach out with questions, pitch bridge ideas, and let us know anything else we can do for you!

Thanks all and see you next week!


Andreas and Jeremy

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